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Has your business ever gotten 30 new 5-star reviews in 30 days?   OR 400 new 5-star reviews in just 9 months?

HVAC-Marketing-Success-Reviews-Case-Study-2-21HGH Mechanical is an Edgewood, Maryland HVAC contractor. HGH has been in business over 25 years and as of 6-16-19 had only 8 5-star reviews on Google.  After implementing Rocking Reviews they went from 8 to 38 in only 30 days!  Today they have many, many more!

Who would YOU call first?  [There’s no question.]

When it comes to reviews, Google is KING.  And online reviews are the #1 factor when searchers are deciding which business to CALL FIRST.

Even when given a referral, MOST prospects will Google your business to see if they should trust you. Make your Google reputation look AWESOME!

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